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We specialize in providing expert consulting services for residential customers seeking optimal water treatment solutions.

About Water and Air Consultants

We've been consulting and installing residential water treatment systems for over 10 years and believe in educating and guiding home owners with non-biased recommendations that will help save thousands of dollars from unnecessary upsells and services. Our goal is to guide homeowners in making informed decisions to ensure clean, safe, and healthy water for their families.

Our Services

Comprehensive Water Analysis

We help you understand your water quality by coordinating with certified labs to perform detailed water testing and analysis.

Customized Recommendations

Based on your water analysis results, we provide tailored recommendations for water treatment systems that best address your specific needs and concerns.

Expert Guidance

Our consultants offer guidance on choosing the right products, technologies, and solutions to ensure the highest water quality in your home.

Independent Advice

As independent consultants, we provide unbiased recommendations, ensuring that you receive the most suitable solutions for your unique requirements.

Budget and Energy Efficiency

We help you balance costs and efficiency, recommending solutions that fit your budget while minimizing energy consumption and maintenance expenses.

Ongoing Support

Our consulting services include ongoing support and follow-up to ensure your chosen water treatment solutions continue to meet your expectations.

Our Mission

We believe that good health, drinking purified water and breathing clean air can improve your quality of life.

Our Views on the Environment

We believe in being as environmentally conscious as possible by delivering only filtration technologies that don’t require the use of disposable plastic that contaminates our landfills and don’t allow harmful chemicals to leak into our water supplies. We also only deliver products that are highly energy efficient which allow for reductions in our carbon footprint.

What Our Clients Say

When it comes to showcasing the value and effectiveness of a service or product, nothing speaks louder than the voices of satisfied clients.

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