Clean, healthy water throughout your home

Why Filter Your Water?

The reverse osmosis water filtration system provides you with water that exceeds the quality of most bottled water, at a fraction of the price and eliminates the inconvenience of heavy bottles and containers. This process puts the bottling plant right at your kitchen. Our filters turn your tap water into an efficient source of great tasting, clean water. Many things can affect the quality and purity of well and municipal water such as water usage, temperature, and even weather. Household plumbing can also introduce contaminants such as rust and lead into your tap water. The reverse osmosis water filtration system can alleviate these effects by providing a consistent level of filtration, giving you high quality water at a reasonable price.

WOW RO 50 System w/ Leak Detector/Shut-off

City/Municipal Water Purification Solutions

Our Diamond Line City Soft Plus™ softener/filter system brings the treatment
of household water to a whole new level of quality, convenience and proven
system performance. Our combined technology unit does the job of two,
providing soft, better-tasting water or soft, non-corrosive water.

Well Water Purification Solutions

Our AquaNue LXCTAIR is a greener, environmentally friendly, chemical-free way to eliminate two of
the most troublesome water quality challenges: hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor) and lower levels of iron.
Oxidation of iron and hydrogen sulfide gas is initiated as the water passes through a compressed pocket of air.
Dissolved oxygen-enriched water now continues through a catalytic media, enhancing the oxidation reaction
and producing precipitates that are easily filtered. Accumulated sediment is backwashed out daily and a new
air pocket is formed.

Simply Made For A Pure Home.

Water & Air Consultants provides top shelf water filtration for personal and commercial use.