Filtered Water Pitcher

Filtered Water Pitcher

The Definition of Clean and Safe

Upgrade your water with our Affinity™ filtration system and know exactly what you are removing from your water for the first time.

Clearly Filtered is the best water filtration system available in the world. Our proprietary Affinity™ filtration process removes more contaminants and carcinogens than any other filter while also maintaining healthy nutrients and minerals, providing you peace-of-mind, knowing your water is free from impurities.

Filtered Water Pitcher

Affinity™ Filtration is second to none

Our proprietary Affinity™ Technology uniquely combines various specialty medias in a proprietary 3-stage filter to attract and chemically bond over 186 chemicals and contaminants during filtration. The 3-stages allow for additional filter-to-water contact time for enhanced filtration performance.

Ergonomic design and medical grade material

The beautiful ergonomic design is built for your home and your hands from medical grade material. We are the only company to use the highest quality, BPA-free Tritan plastic to ensure we are delivering a clean, safe, and effective filtration system.

Get the recommended dose every day

Our pitcher is designed to hold 8 standard glasses of water; the same amount of water that is recommended for each adult to drink daily in the US. Our bodies are made up of 60% water, but on average 75% of Americans are in a chronic state of dehydration. Easily track water consumption with our new pitcher.


All products are designed and built in the USA to ensure quality, consistency, and compliance. We are proud our products are designed and built in the United States of America, providing jobs and building a community for clean water.

How does it stack up?

Most water purification systems make little to no claims on what contaminants are actually being ‘purified’ through their filtering process. Clearly Filtered is and always has been committed to transparency with regards to testing filtration capabilities. But you don’t have to take our word for it the list below has be independently audited and verified making Clearly Filtered the clear choice for clean water.

Clearly FilteredBritaSomaPUR
Filter Life100 Gallons40 Gallons40 Gallons40 Gallons
Fluoride98.00%No ClaimNo ClaimNo Claim
Lead99.50%No ClaimNo Claim99.50%
Arsenic99.60%No ClaimNo ClaimNo Claim
Pesticides99.90%No ClaimNo Claim92.60%
Bacteria99.90%No ClaimNo ClaimNo Claim
Chromium-6, Pharmaceticals, Hormones, Trihalomethanes, Herbicides99.90%No ClaimNo ClaimNo Claim

*Information for this chart was compiled from manufacturers websites and brochures. Feburary 2017.

  • 4 Stages
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4 Stages

Stage 1: Granular Filtration Chamber

Water enters our hollow Affinity™ chamber and immediately begins the contaminant molecule bonding process. The chamber allows for our methodical filtration process to thoroughly clean your water and our Safeseal™ technology ensures water stays in and no new contaminants are introduced.

Stage 2: Stainless Mesh Filter Screen & Safeseal™ Gasket

This ensures easy filter preparation and captures any large debris, prolonging the life of your filter and water purity and our Safeseal™ technology ensures water stays in and no new contaminants are introduced. Any sizable debris is captured at this stage in the filtration process – clean, effective, and efficient filtering allows for safer water, sooner.

Stage 3: Compressed high-density Affinity™ block

We select filtration media that have an specific affinity with harmful impurities such as Fluoride, Lead, Arsenic, Chromium-6, Pharmaceuticals, Hormones, Pesticides and more. We compress and mold the media types to achieve maximum surface area per water molecule per impurity. You will notice a methodical filtration process – maximizing contact time with our filter technology to achieve unparalleled filtration performance and the cleanest water available.

Stage 4: Wrapped in a BPA free medical-grade capsule

We’re committed to BPA free materials that don’t leach. All our materials are medical grade and 100% sourced and constructed in the United States. Ensuring clean and safe water from end-to-end.


"Sue, my daughter in law, is a water purist and this has been especially hard for her. I ordered for them your pitcher, two stainless bottles, and automatic filter refills. They received your items and are overjoyed. Sue says that she has tried many water filter products to no avail – until yours. She says that she can’t believe how wonderful the water is and how miraculous it is to be able to drink their own water."


"I noticed some reviews talking about Brita and Zero Water as being better. Neither of them remove fluoride, a neurotoxin. Clearly Filtered does, and it is much much more worth the long-term health by dropping Brita and Zero Water and paying a little more for this. Peace of mind."


"I never knew that brita filters do not filter out any fluoride at all, and I’ve been using them for at least 20 years, may as well have been drinking tap water this whole time. Definitely worth the price!"


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