Commercial Water Softeners

X-Factor Commercial Series LX15 & LX2


LX15 and LX2 electronic water softeners bring advanced technology and enhanced performance to commercial water conditioning. The LX15 and LX2 units remove unwanted hardness and minerals from water. The LX15 and LX2 Series feature a state-of-the-art 1.5” and 2” control valve, high-performance mineral tank, and a brine tank to handle the most demanding needs. They are outfitted with a solid-state microprocessor control and LCD display to simplify system operation and setup.


  • 1.5” or 2.0” female NPT inlet/outlet top-mount control valves
  • Optional 2.0” NPT control valve with Quick Connect base available for top and side-mount tank connections
  • Lead-free brass valve bodies (1.5” & 2.0”) utilize an NSF/FDA approved black epoxy electro-deposited coating for exceptional corrosion protection
  • Stainless steel meter housing (1.5” & 2.0”)
  • 1.5” NPT meter providing ± 5% accuracy across 0.5 to 75 gpm service flow range
  • 2.0” NPT meter providing ± 5% accuracy across 1.5 to 150 gpm service flow range
  • Composite mineral tanks using bottom Vortech™ distribution (14” & 16” diameter) or hub & lateral distributors
  • Easy-access front panel settings
  • Display and keypad backlight illumination
  • Color-specific display illumination: Solid blue – in service; solid green – in regeneration; flashing yellow – maintenance; flashing red – error
  • LCD dot matrix display containing more dots for better display effect
  • Water drop flow indicator
  • Scrolling text display for longer lengths of information
  • Contractor name and phone number display
  • User display choices during normal service: time of day, current treated water flow rate GPM, remaining capacity gallons, number of days to regeneration, contractor contact information
  • Fully programmable regeneration cycle sequence (maximum 9)
  • Stores system configuration and operation data in a non-volatile memory–will not be lost during a power outage
  • Time-of-day battery backup with up to 8 hours of power carry-over
  • Screen displays “low battery” when battery needs replaced
  • Variable reserve automatically adjusts to changing water usage patterns
  • Double regeneration option
  • Multiple regenerations per day option • Service technician “step-thru” regeneration
  • Complete diagnostic information and valve history data stored in memory
  • Treated water brine refill
  • Two relay driver outputs
  • 12-volt DC battery operation available


  • Choose method to initiate regeneration: meter immediate, meter delayed, meter delayed + immediate, days override (1-28), auxiliary input (differential pressure switch)
  • Single: One softener with meter, one brine tank. See choices for regeneration initiation
  • Twin Parallel: Two identical softeners, each with its own meter, only one brine tank. Meter delayed regeneration used with offset regeneration times. Both softeners are online for double the service flow rate and exchange capacity of a single softener
  • Twin Alternating: Two identical softeners, only one meter and brine tank, and one motorized alternating valve. Meter immediate regeneration used. One softener online, one softener on standby
  • Parallel Progressive: Minimum two, up to as many as six, identical softeners, each with its own meter and brine tank, and each with its own “no hard water bypass” valve. A system controller is required to interlock these multiple systems. Only one softener, known as the primary unit, is online until the service flow rate increases past a pre-set GPM, for second softener to come online. If the service flow rate increases beyond a second pre-set GPM, the third softener will come online (tri-plex), and so on (four-plex, five-plex, up to a six-plex system). As the service flow rate decreases, softeners will go back on standby accordingly. When the primary unit goes into regeneration, the next softener in the sequence becomes the primary unit
  • “No hard water bypass” valve
  • “Separate source regeneration” using motorized alternating valve
  • ASME stamped mineral tanks are available if required by local plumbing codes. Please consult factory for pricing and availability

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