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Disinfecting Filtration System

Studies show that we spend 90% of our time indoors. Wouldn’t we want the air we breathe for nine-tenths of our lives to be as fresh as possible? This has been HealthWay’s mission from day one. With one of our patented air purification systems installed in your home or business, your indoor air will be fresh, healthy, and free of pollutants and chemicals that all too commonly contaminate it today. Turn your air into HealthWay air, and feel better with every breath.

Watch this video and get a deeper look at what makes our commercial air purifiers perform with such precision. On top of purifying the air more effectively, HealthWay commercial air purifiers are also energy efficient and expandable. Our company is passionate about indoor air because people spend a majority of their lives surrounded by it. With a HealthWay system in your building, the air alone will be a good reason to go to work.

Breathing indoor air has arguably one of the largest impacts on the daily lives and physical well-being of occupants. And nobody takes this more seriously than HealthWay. Our team of doctors, engineers and scientists have been in the commercial air quality business for more than 30 years, developing exclusive technologies for products used in a wide variety of settings where air quality is critical – including hospital isolation and waiting rooms, medical and manufacturing clean rooms, and military locations.

The crown jewel of these technologies is our award-winning, state-of-the-art Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS), the result of technology developed with the United States Government to remove germs from the air. All of our purifiers are powered by this germicidal technology, which goes beyond traditional filtration methods to trap airborne pathogens with efficiency never before seen in the industry – more than 99.99%, and has four times the filter loading capacity than a typical HEPA rated filter.

Take a deep breath. We’ve got the product for you. Our line of commercial air purifiers has been developed to provide innovations for any situation, from rugged industrial shops to small office buildings. Learn more right here about all the different ways HealthWay can purify your air – the solution to your indoor air problems is below.

Air Filtration Products

2000 SC – Self-Contained - Independent Blower

The modular design of the 2000 SC applies our DFS technology to any airflow criteria, and due to its independent blower, it can retrofit with any HVAC system. It can also be installed as a standalone unit above ceiling space to treat targeted areas.

  • Patented DFS Technology
  • 99.99% Filtration Efficiency down to 0.007 microns
  • Zero loss – restriction of airflow
  • Four times the filter loading capacity than a typical HEPA filter
  • Improved energy savings compared to HEPA
  • Nominal Flow – 2000 CFM
  • VOC Adsorption | Photo Catalytic Oxidation (optional)

1200 SC – Self-Contained - Independent Blower

With a similar design as the 2000 SC, the 1200 SC also provides similar benefits – it’s ideal for standalone installations above ceiling space due to its smaller height and footprint. It’s also very effective for flush-outs at the time of new building construction, and for treating multiple areas on a single floor.

  • Patented DFS Technology
  • 99.99% Filtration Efficiency down to 0.007 microns
  • Modular design meets any airflow criteria
  • Zero Pressure Drop – Auxiliary Blower Design
  • Three times longer filter life than HEPA Filtration
  • Huge energy savings compared to HEPA
  • Nominal Flow – 1200 CFM

950 P – Portable DFS Air Cleaning System

  • Delivers high CFM with low energy consumption
  • Mobile Design – built in 3.5” safety lock swivel casters, full width  handle for easy movement
  • Multiple Fan Speeds – four fan speeds for ease of control
  • 99.99% DFS Filtration Efficiency – down to a size of 0.007 microns
  • Independent Air flow/Distribution Control – to facilitate placement  anywhere in the space
  • Patented V-Bank Filter – increases surface area and provides higher  dust loading capacity
  • Ease of Maintenance – quick release filter access from the back side of the unit

You are what you breathe.

It’s easy to control the quality of the water you drink and the food you eat. But you have no choice but to breathe the air around you. Like the air itself, its harmful pollutants are invisible, and easily forgotten about. But their effects are all too visible.

Burning/itching eyes, nose and throat Allergy and asthma-like symptoms Sneezing, cold and fatigue

Headache and nausea Flu-like symptoms Difficulty breathing

Mucus-filled sinuses and lungs Lung cancer from smoke and chemicals Possible death

The EPA lists indoor air pollution as one of the top five risks to our health. Dust mites, pet dander, pollen, smoke, viruses, dangerous bacteria, mold, fungi, chemicals, household products, pesticides, ammonia, alcohol and formaldehyde can all be present in the air.

The good news: While these pollutants are invisible, they’re certainly not invincible. With one of HealthWay’s air purification systems in your home, 99.99% of them will be eradicated.

Dust mites produce 2,000 fecal particles and even more digested enzyme-covered dust particles in their lifespan.

Microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and mold can cause infectious diseases and may trigger allergic reactions.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases and can cause short and long term health effects.

Technology through the years

1981 – Electrostatic

Use a process called electrostatic attraction to trap charged particles. They draw air through an ionization section where particles obtain an electrical charge. The charged particles accumulate on a series of flat plates, called a collector, that is oppositely charged.

1985 – HEPA/ULPA

High efficiency mechanical air filters remove particles by capturing them on filter materials 

1991 – UV

Ultra-violet radiation that may destroy biological pollutants that are airborne

1993 – Air Exchange

A ventilation and climate control system that exchanges air inside a building with fresh air from outside the building. 

1998 – EMF

Flat panel electrically enhanced mechanical filter 

2002- Photocatalytic

Using a UV lamp as well as catalyst that reacts with the light. This is intended to destroy gaseous pollutants, converting them into harmless products. PCO is not designed to remove particulate pollutants. 

2010 – DFS

Patented technology developed through a United States Military Grant combating germ warfare, the HealthWay Disinfecting Filtration System revolutionizes the air cleaning and filtration process. DFS technology is individually tested to guarantee better than HEPA efficiency, capturing 99.99% of all particles down to .007 micron in size. DFS also prevents microbial growth inside the filter through microbial inhibition.

Here’s an infographic showing how our technology does a better job of capturing ultra-fine particles compared to other technologies.

Purifying the Air of Tomorrow.

Our patented Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) Technology traps microorganisms for continuous germicidal exposure, resulting in the most powerful indoor air purification in the world. DFS technology is individually tested to guarantee better than HEPA efficiency, capturing 99.99% of particles at 0.007 microns. This makes HealthWay’s air purification systems the most efficient available.

HEPA: 99.97% efficient at .3 micron

Healthway DFS: 99.99% efficient at 0.007 microns 

HEPA: Limited microorganism capture

Healthway DFS: Captures 99.99% of harmful microorganisms

HEPA: No VOC (volatile organic compound) removal

Healthway DFS: VOC oxidation and adsorption

Here’s an infographic showing how our technology does a better job of capturing ultra-fine particles compared to other technologies.

30 Years


The resume of a leader.

The strength, performance and innovation of our products is apparent, just by looking at our list of satisfied clients. It’s clear that HealthWay is the place to turn if you’re serious about air purification.

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HealthWay’s technology is leading the charge in the air purification industry – and you don’t have to take our word for it. Our products have been accredited by highly respected third-party organizations.